Except in emergencies all personnel should follow the Chain of Command. Send an email to your immediate superior.

You should also CC (copy) their immediate superior in the chain to ensure timely response.

Adherence to protocol is in the interest of all.

Chain of Command

Commanding Officer (CO) LTJG Courtney Schroeter, NSCC co@akronseacadets.org

Executive Officer (XO) LTJG Darryl Ritchey, NSCC xo@akronseacadets.org

(LPO) PO2 Kyle Weisman KWeisman3000@gmail.com

Alpha Company

Company Commander : PO3 Annabella Mijalkovic - purplepancake2011@yahoo.com

Assist. Company Commander : SN Jared Karr - karr09j@gmail.com 

SN Grayson, A

SN Burkey, J

SA Hlad, S

SA Keeling, A

Bravo Company

Company Commander : PO3 Thomas Gross tommyg8@yahoo.com 

Assist. Company Commander : SN Riley Karr - karr12ri@gmail.com  

PO3 Meyer, G

SN Courtney, P

SA Reynolds, P

SA Hiner, A

SA Gossett, H

Lima Company

Officer in Charge LTJG Christine Schroeter, NSCC LeagueOIC@akronseacadets.org

PO3 Kinson, B

PO3 Gross, J

LC2 Ruda, A

LC1 Ponziani, M

LC1 Fabish, G

LC1 Falls, A

LC1 Meyer, S

LC1 Campbell, M

Staff/Officers (Reporting to the XO)

Training Officer -ENS Brandan Thompson, NSCC  to@akronseacadets.org

 Training Officer - LS2 Zachary Kirby, USN zachary.kirby@akronseacadets.org  

Recruiting Officer- LTJG Christine Schroeter, NSCC Recruiter@akronseacadets.org

Supply Officer- QMC Stephanie Silliman, USN supply@akronseacadets.org

Medical Officer- TBD