Official Uniform Regulations

Subset of uniform rules for Sea Cadets.

Subset of uniform rules for League Cadets.

Subset of uniform rules for Officers.

NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations
The complete official guide to uniforms.(NSCPUB 500)

Awards and Ribbons

Information for Parents


Like anything associated with the military (or any other focused group) the USNSCC has its own words - and its own meaning for common words.

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BDUs- Battle Dress Uniform, Woodland Camo, also known as CCU's (Camo Combat Uniform) 
NWUs- Navy Working Uniform, Blue Camo, aka Blueberries
Flash- Patch worn on the Shoulder, Breast pocket or Cover which denotes branch NSCC/NLCC.
Salt & Peppers- Alternate dress uniform consisting of Black Pants and White button down dress shirt.
POD-Plan of the Day
Blousing Straps- Elastic Bands used to gather the cuff of trousers from falling over a boot.
CO- Commanding Officer
Cover- Any article of headcovering, whether it be beanie, ball cap, Combo cover, etc...
Leaguer- A member of the NLCC (Navy League Cadet Corps)
Service Jacket- File envelope of a Cadet demographics, awards, promotions and service record.
XO- Executive Officer, second in command.